January 2009 Projects

Herringbone Lentils bracelet

Herringbone Lentils bracelet

Fantasy bracelet

Fantasy bracelet

RAW bracelet

RAW bracelet

I’m looking through last year’s calendar and remembering what I made during the year.

  1. Herringbone bracelet using silver lined crystal and blue lentils. Never liked this bracelet much. I don’t like the way the beads curl in. You have to keep fussing with it. I may play with this one again using a different size bead to see if that solves the problem.
  2. Stretchy necklace with silver cross for a friend to give someone else.
  3. Another stretchy necklace for a friend at work’s birthday.
  4. Fantasy bracelet in black and turquoise.
  5. Another Fantasy bracelet in the same colors. These are for last minute gifts. They don’t take but an hour to make. You have to watch your thread though. The crystals really like to cut the thread on this one.
  6. Right Angle Weave (RAW) crystal bracelet. Made this with matte and shiny Preciosa bicones. Nice subtle diagonal stripe. Made this on our cruise and wore it to dinner.

There were probably some other things but I didn’t write them down.

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