March 2009 Projects

  1. Crystal Elements I designed by Leslee Frumin. This was a class I took at The Bead Attic. I learned a lot of shapes from Leslee. Her color combinations are wonderful.
  2. Crystal Elements II by Leslee Frumin. This was the 3rd day of classes. More complex shapes were taught.
  3. Variations Necklace designed by Leslee Frumin. This was the 2nd day of class. Leslee taught us her technique for joining beaded beads through a focal bead. You pass through the focal bead numerous times as you start the next bead and finish the last bead. I did this on in black, white and red. It’s probably 40″ long.
  4. I used Leslee’s elements technique to make some baubles to slip on silver hoop earrings. These were for a friend’s daughter who graduated from nursing school.

That doesn’t look like much but the Variations Necklace probably took 20 hours to make, at least. Each crystal element takes an hour or more. Plus, I probably made more things and didn’t make any notes about the project. That would be why I’m logging all my work now. 😀

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