Beadwork Magazine Feb/Mar 2010

I got my new issue of Beadwork Magazine in the mail today. I really like the new format. I think it’s a great move indicating the skill level needed to complete each project (one, two or three beads). Jean Campbell is going to be great as the Stitch Pro. I also like the small list on the contents page that shows the projects by type of stitch. What a great idea! My favorite project is Nancy Cain’s Jeweled Links. I’ve already pulled my beads together from my stash. I just need a couple of items. I’ll get them tomorrow at The Bead Attic when I go for our monthly “bead in”. One of my favorite departments is The Challenge. I consistently love the work by Melinda Barta. I’m going to HAVE to take a class with her some day.

I started working on Les Perles de la Mer designed by Marcia DeCoster yesterday. I’ve loved this bracelet for quite a while. It won’t take very long to finish. Maybe I’ll wear it on the cruise later this month.

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