Fan Page on Facebook

I might be crazy but I just started a fan page on facebook for WeaveABead. I linked this blog to facebook via NetworkedBlogs. I want to thank Zoya Gutina and her blog Gem and Beaded Jewelry.  That’s how I found out about linking blogs to facebook. I wouldn’t have given much thought to linking all of this social media stuff together if it wasn’t for my DH, Jamey. Thanks, honey!

What I hope to accomplish is a huge list of teachers, classes and bead stores. I think if more beaders knew about the classes being taught, the attendance would be better and the bead stores, retreats, shows, cruises, trips and teachers would all benefit from it. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Fan Page on Facebook

    • Kara, Is there a link somewhere that I could promote your teaching schedule? I have a WeaveABead fan page on Facebook with every class I run across listed. I have links to teacher’s schedules, too.


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