January 2010 Projects

January 2010 I completed the following:

  1. A pointed oval bracelet designed by Diane Fitzgerald. She taught a class at my local bead store, The Bead Attic, back in November. She taught us this shape as a starter for learning her Celtic Trefoil.

    Pointed Ovals bracelet

  2. A triple-wrap leather bracelet with dalmatian jasper beads. These leather wrap bracelets are casual and fun. I’ve made scads of them with 6/0 beads and decided to branch out using semi-precious stones. It turned out really cute.

    Dalmatian Jasper triple-wrap leather bracelet

  3. A double-wrap leather bracelet with labradorite beads. Same concept. This time I stacked 3-4 Labradorite chips.

    Labradorite double-wrap leather bracelet

  4. A simple stretchy necklace for a friend at work’s mom. I really hate making these but everyone loves them. They are all the rage in my town.

    Stretchy necklaces

  5. Black and gold medallion necklace. Gave to a coworker as a birthday present.
  6. Black and gold medallion necklace. Same design. Kept one for me!
  7. Alchemist’s Treasure (designed by Scarlet Lanson) is finally finished. It is a beauty.

    Alchemist's Treasure

  8. Crystal AB2x bling bracelet with magnetic clasp. These are fast and fun. Everyone loves them. I make lots to give to family and friends.

    Bling bracelet

  9. Marcia DeCoster’s Les Perles De La Mer bracelet. I have loved this for over a year now. I finally bought the kit and finished it. Great design!

    Les Perles De La Mer

  10. NanC Meinhardt taught me this cute little zig zag chain. I finished another one in bronze colors.

    Zig Zag chain

  11. Maggie Meister taught me her Bacchus earrings and I finished them in class! WooHoo!

    Bacchus earrings

  12. I made my daughter a multi chain necklace with 3 kinds of gold chain, tiny freshwater pearls and turquoise focal beads.
  13. LOTS of black stretchy necklaces with gold fleur de lis charms to share with all my family and friends who are Saints football supporters. And, The Saints pulled it out and WON the Super Bowl! Geaux Saints! Who Dat!

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