February 2010 Projects

Really made some progress this month.

  1. I made a silver bling bracelet for a friend onboard the cruise I went on this month.

    Bling bracelets

  2. Another silver bling bracelet for another friend on the cruise. It was while I was working on this one that I realized how much I like the crystal comet bicones from Swarovski. Because they are half clear and half silver, you can orient them multiple directions to get different effects.
  3. Another crystal AB2x bling bracelet for another friend on the cruise. It’s a good thing these bracelets are quick and easy to make! The girls I made these for think I need to try lots of different colors on one bracelet.
  4. Another crystal AB2x bling bracelet for another friend on the cruise. Do you see a pattern here? The good news is a different friend on the cruise wants me to make her a Black Magic (designed by Liz Smith) for pay. LOVE, love, love Black Magic!
  5. Finished my bronze version of Maggie Meister’s Tekla’s Cuff. It is scrumptious, if I do say so myself. For the next one I will turn the two-drop peyote on the middle section so the curve around the armature is smooth. The next one is in a blueish/purplish and tarnished silver color.

    Tekla's Cuff

  6. Finished Marcia DeCoster’s Romantique. I bought this kit from Marcia in the lime green/turquoise/black color wave. Her directions called for making the medallions one-sided. I decided to make them two-sided. So, I had to supplement with some of my own beads. Really like the look of this necklace. It’s very reminiscent of Victorian chatelaines. The chain stitch used in the piece is fun and easy. Just by switching up the colors of beads you can really change the appearance of the chain. I need to make some earrings to match this one.


  7. I made a vitrail bling bracelet for myself. I’m starting a collection of all the colors of this bracelet. The fun thing about these is that you can wear them individually, or stack them up on your wrist for extra dazzle.
  8. FINISHED my Ginko Leaf Lariat designed by Diane Fitzgerald. I finished the leaves months ago but was dreading making the peyote neck piece. That’s the problem with me. I love doing all the pretty, intricate parts and hate doing the boring, holds it all together, parts. So, my solution was to do herringbone instead. I picked up 4 beads at a time and was able to finish it in record time. I like the way the stems attach to the herringbone. I think it looks more natural than the peyote attachment does. I’m sure there’s a difference in the drape but my goal was to finish it. Mission accomplished!

    Ginko Leaf lariat

  9. More bling bracelets, one with blue metallic crystals and a great fire-polish with green and metallic blue in it. This one might be my favorite so far.

    Metallic Blue Bling bracelet

  10. Another bling in solid gold. Pretty impressive looking. You could definitely stack this with other gold bracelets for an eclectic look.

    Gold Bling bracelet

  11. This next bling is beautiful. I got some jet crystals with a nut coating that is kind of like dark chocolate and paired it with gold fire-polish. REALLY pretty. Maybe this one is my favorite. 🙂

    Jet Nut and Gold Bling bracelet

Made those last 3 bling bracelets in one night.

I want to thank my husband, Jamey, for taking all these pretty pictures.

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