Bead & Button – February 2010

The first thing that caught my eye is the Herringbone bracelet by Beth Stone. I should have known Beth would come up with a twist for herringbone. The thing that appeals to me about this bracelet is the different sized beads and the switch after five rows. Really clever. Beth Stone is the author of the Seed Bead Stitching books.

The next clever thing I saw was Chain of Rings by Cindy Pankopf. Right-angle weave with metal rings sewn into the units. What a great substantial chain! It’s beautiful all by itself. I may just make this one in a long length with no clasp.

Layered Loops by Smadar Grossman looks really neat. I might give it a try.

Stringing Outside the Box features a necklace using those cute teardrop beads! I have a couple of colors of these beads and was wondering what I would make with them. Here’s an idea. Pretty simple and I could get rid of some of those larger beads hanging out in my stash.

I’m all about geometry and symmetry so Galaxy Bead by Gill Slone is right up my alley. So sad that she has passed away.

Speaking of geometry, I was at the end of the magazine when I noticed a small ad for a new book called Beading All The Angles, Bead Polyhedra, Volume 1 by Laura Shea. I went right to her website to sign up for news about the book and when it will be published. Can’t wait!

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