Stringing – Winter 2009

My dear friend May gave me a subscription to Stringing magazine for Christmas. I asked for it because I rarely do any stringing. I’m not inspired by it. I thought if I got a reminder in the mail every few months, I would actually do something with those large beads that I have. I’ll do some stringing when someone asks me to but it doesn’t satisfy my soul.

The Winter issue has the blurb “Hot Trend! Must-Have MATTE GOLD” on the front. Matte gold has been all the rage here in Baton Rouge for over a year. I never knew we were fashion forward.

Immediately, I realized the products advertised in this magazine are different from those in my seed bead magazines. I’m having the best time going to the different websites to look at what they offer.

The next thing I notice is an article with 3 earring designs by Lilian Chen using head pins. I love Lilian’s designs. She is so creative and designs the most fantastic wire and crystal jewelry. Her work is sculptural, clean and simple. She’s a true artist. I think I’ll actually try these!

Something I really love in the magazine is the article called beading on a shoestring. Not only are the materials list, tools needed, tips and instructions listed, but they give you a total cost of the beads used in the project. How great is that?

There’s a 2-page spread with 34 earring designs. For whatever reason, I don’t make many earrings. I really should start though. Many times I’ll want to learn a stitch or technique or just experiment with a different size bead. I could use those samples for earrings.  I just need to get off my rear and make the second sample to match. Ah, that’s the problem. OK, so I’ll make an effort this year to make some earrings. We’ll see how it goes.

They use some really great chains in these projects. I haven’t seen anything like them in town. I’ll have to look a little harder. I like to buy local. I try to do my part to keep the funds earned in town, spent in town.

Final impressions of this issue are; my 20-year-old daughter would like nearly everything in this magazine, I see lots of great use of materials, the color combinations are very pleasing, lots of thought starters and I think I can do this!

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