Stringing – Spring 2010 issue

Being the Spring issue, there are, appropriately, zillions of flowery projects! 

The first thing that caught my eye are some precious beads in the shape of rustic buildings by Mary Cullinan of . They are so cute! I may have to come up with a project to use some of them.

The article “take two!” was great. It’s all about recycling old jewelry into new jewelry that you would actually wear.

I’m in love with the ceramic disks used in the “circle around” necklace project on page 26. They are by . Here’s the link to the etsy shop listing Only $15.95 for 3 of them. Not bad!

The next thing that caught my eye was the “Soar into Spring” necklace by Melinda Barta. (I’m developing a fascination with Melinda. I like almost everything she designs!) The aqua and white lucite beads are so pretty. But, when I went to the supplier website, I couldn’t find them. 😦

The Bigger, the Better article about Wendy Baker was right on target for all the spring fashions that I’ve seen. Her designs are like a flower garden around your neck or wrist. I don’t know how comfortable they are to wear, but they sure are cute!

I thought “May Day” by Danielle Fox was pretty. I loved the HumbleBeads bird added in. Heather makes some great polymer clay beads. Check her items out . The little cardinal beads caught my eye. 😉

As I was getting to the back of the magazine with resource listings, I was reminded that I want to get the Beadwork presents Favorite Bead Stitches when it comes out. I love the RAW bracelet by Kate McKinnon on the front cover.

Overall, a successful issue!

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