Bead & Button – April 2010

The first thing I saw was the notice about Anna Elizabeth Draeger’s new book, Crystal Brilliance: Making Designer Jewelry with Crystal Beads. I hope I get to see one of these in person at a book store or bead shop. I would like to see this one before I buy it.

In the How To area there were quite a few free bead patterns. I really like Elizabeth Pullan’s breast cancer awareness angel. I make bracelets for my friends with breast cancer. This would be cute hanging from them.

The Your Work section was exceptional this issue. Wonderful work by Lilian Chen, Sharon Burns, Debbie Rios-Vankike, Polina Peskova and Holly Bar. Five wildly different projects.

There was something new to try in the Stitch Workshop. Hsiao-Hsuan (Eddy) Tso came up with a new stitch called the Tso Stitch.  Just glancing at the instructions I’m already confused by step 2! I’m a photo and diagram girl. The photo a does not go with step 2. There is no photo for step 2. 😦

The Bearded Iris pendant is beautiful but I don’t work with polymer clay or precious metal clay. The artist, Patricia Kimle, has a new book called Perfectly Paired: Designing Jewelry with Polymer and Metal Clays. It hits the shelf this month. I know a few people who would love to have this book.

Do the twist bracelet by Jimmie Boatright is really nice. It uses brick stitch and twisted tubular herringbone joined with round crystals to make a wide cuff.

Bougainvillea bouquet by Kerrie Slade is very versatile with multiple flower bracts that can be added or subtracted from the neck rope.

I think the one project I would make from this issues is Get to the Point by Stephanie Eddy. It uses drops, daggars, montees and fire-polish to make a lovely, distinctive necklace. I can see wearing this with everything from business attire to an evening gown. I have everything to make this project except the montees. None of my local bead stores carry them. I either have to drive an hour or order them online. The other alternative is to buy one of Stephanie’s Spear-Ritual Journey kits. That sounds like a plan. Her website is and the kits are $40 for everything but the needle and thread. I like the amber kit.

There are lots of great projects and ideas in this issue. I am not into wire, polymer clay, or PMC. There were a lot of articles using those techniques. I only wrote about the ones that I could see myself making.

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