Beadwork presents Favorite Bead Stitches

They sure picked the right project for the cover! The Modern Art cuff by Kate McKinnon uses those great metal sequins that I have been coveting for a while now.

A big plus for this publication is the free doodle beads with Leslie Rogalski DVD. There is a second volume of this at

The Beadwork Master Class is “Architecting” a Clasp. Melanie Potter shares her Candy Wrapper Clasp with us. This beaded clasp hides a magnetic clasp inside it. I like the idea of hidden clasps. They can be very distracting from the design of a piece.

Pearl Romance by Nancy Cain is a necklace with ruffled and cupped spacers. She also included directions for the toggle clasp.

Royal Amethyst earrings by Cecilia Guastaferro are exquisite. They are very Victorian in feel. The perfect earring for a special occasion. I just love them.

Then we get to Modern Art cuff by Kate McKinnon. It’s a two-layer bracelet with a ram’s horn clasp. I’ll be making this one if I can find all the pieces.

Bands of Blue choker by Hannah Benninger is tubular herringbone. What makes this so great is the use of color.

Pacific Discoveries by Scarlett Lanson uses a variation on spiral herringbone for the majority of the necklace. I ordered this kit from Scarlett a while back. It’s in my bag of projects to be done. This is a sack of projects all kitted up and ready for me to stitch. They aren’t really UFOs because I’ve not started them yet. The projects in this sack are the ones that I know I will make. For whatever reason, they called to me and I answered. Some are kits I’ve purchased from the designer and some are patterns I’ve collected and pulled all the beads and findings needed to complete them. I work these treats into my schedule about every two months. They are the carrots dangling out there for me to hurry up and finish some other project. I made a deal with myself a long time ago. I can only start a new project when I’ve completed an old one. This keeps me out of trouble. I know lots of beaders who have dozens of UFOs laying about. I can’t do that. I’m compelled to finish my projects. Sorry, I digress.

Crystal Suspense by Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour is as wonderful as I would expect from these two. Their geometry speaks to the symmetry I love. The netting filled with crystals on this bangle looks like it might actually be comfortable to wear. If you haven’t checked out thier website, , you should.

One of the last projects is Square Stitch Squared by Dustin Wedekind. These are really great earrings. I especially like the turquoise one. He uses the little 1.5mm cubes for these. Cute, cute!

I recommend buying this issue. Most (if not all) of it has been published before but I like having these great projects all in one book.

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