April 2010 Projects

This month was really fun. I tried some things I’d never done before. I like to learn something new every year. But, this month, I learned a bunch of  new things!

  1. My daughter called from college with a “Mom can you make me this” request. Of course, I did. This was a little out of my comfort zone but it came out OK. She liked it.
  2. I had this great art bead (signed and everything) which I got from a friend of mine when she was trying to clean out her stash. I decided to do a flat (tiny) kumihimo braid in the colors of the bead. Then I took that braid and braided it with some black silk. I took the ends of the braid and ran them through the art bead and did a knot and fringe at the bottom.
  3. Next up…another bling bracelet. This time in matte white AB crystals with red firepolish.
  4. Peach AB crystal and clear AB firepolish bling bracelet.
  5. Clear crystal AB and matte gold firepolish bling bracelet.
  6. Blue AB crystal and blue firepolish bling bracelet. This one I made on the way to New Orleans to see my cousin. She was in town for a gymnastics meet with her son. I gave it to her because she liked it.
  7. Simple amethyst strung bracelet with a toggle clasp for Mallory (my cousin’s child).
  8. Simple lapis bracelet for Avery (my cousin’s child).
  9. Green crystal with green firepolish bling bracelet.
  10. Violet AB crystal and Amber AB firepolish bling bracelet.
  11. I captured a goldstone cab in black seed beads for a friend at work. I put it on a simple magnetic wire necklace.
  12. I made a rosary for a friend’s son’s confirmation. She wanted it to be special and one-of-a-kind. So, I had her come to the bead store with me to pick out the beads and cross. The beads are bronzite and smokey topaz with a celtic cross. I’d never made a rosary so I was a little nervouse. But, it turned out great and he loved it.
  13. Another bling bracelet. This time in indicolite crystal with matte green firepolish.
  14. Now for the highlight of April. My friend Katie Nelson came over from Houston for a beady weekend. She taught my friend, Lynn, and me how to make polymer clay beads. We had so much fun! She brought all the stuff  (clay, oven, rack, pins, etc.) for polymer clay. This may be my next thing I’m into. 😉 I made the black and white beads.
  15. While the polymer clay was baking, Katie taught us some resin techniques. That was a lot of fun but very messy!
  16. On Saturday, of our beady weekend, we started on a micro-macrame project. I tried to pick out a simple project for us to start with. 
  17. Next up for our beady weekend was a bead crochet lesson with Beverly Herman. Beverly drove up from New Orleans to teach Katie, Lynn, May, Kay and myself. She did a great job of teaching all of us newbies, both right-handers and left-handers. I’m pretty sure we all got it. Beverly brought some of her work to show us, too.

All in all, it was a great bead month!

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