March 2010 Projects

I got busy this month making things for other people. I have to be honest, it helped having some extra cash this month. I took a pay cut at my day job because of the economy.

  1.  I made a long necklace from this beautiful paisley jasper and some matte bronze beads. This one I’m keeping for myself.
  2. I have a weakness for pearls. So, when I saw these great green pearls, I had to have them. I just did a simple stringing with them and knotted about every fifth pearl.
  3. A bling bracelet.
  4. Another bling bracelet.
  5. Again, a bling bracelet.
  6. Bling bracelet.
  7. The last Bling bracelet for the month. These are what a friend calls potato chip projects. I can’t stop making them.
  8. I found these great white beads to make a triple-strand bracelet for a friend. It wasn’t until I had them under a strong light, that I realized they were marble, not glass. They have a great, subtle glint in good light.
  9. I made the next 3 bracelets for a friend to give to her mother on Mother’s day. One was blue and white. I think blue and white is great for summer. There’s something very crisp and clean about that color combo.
  10. #2
  11. #3
  12. I made Black Magic, by Liz Smith, for a friend. You just can’t go wrong with that pattern. It’s one of my favorites.
  13. I got a call from Miss LSU to make 21 bracelets for the upcoming pageant. As the outgoing Miss LSU, she wanted to give something to each girl participating in this year’s event. So, I whipped up 21 stretchy bracelets in matte gold beads with a gold crown charm hanging from them. I was going to use jump rings to attach the charm to the bracelet but I was scared they would come off. So, I wire wrapped them for security. Now, the only thing that will eventually happen is the elastic will give out at some point. Hopefully, that’s a good long time in the future.
  14. I made some earrings for my “other” mother. She likes the little crystal elements by Leslee Frumin. So, I made a couple in sapphire and crystal with gold seed beads and put them on tiny gold hoops. They turned out cute.
  15. One of my Mom’s friends asked me to make three leather wrap bracelets for her granddaughters. Each girl liked a specific color of green (kelly, blue green and plain old green) So, I made them all similar, but different. Each was done with black leather and a cute silver button. The bead color was the only difference.
  16. I had some lapis chunks that a friend brought me from Africa. I didn’t want to just string them. I decided to make a 5-strand bracelet with a silver slide clasp. It turned out stunning but small. So, I gave it to my niece. She has a tiny wrist.

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