June 2010 Projects

I don’t really know what was wrong in June but I didn’t get much beading done. Maybe it was just too hot!

  1. I made up a quad strand necklace of tiny bicone shaped lapis beads. They are about the same size as a size 15 bead. I strung them up with some gold size 15s. The beads are so tiny I had to use my size 15 needles. I’ve always loved lapis and gold. I guess it’s the Egyptian influence. I’m not really happy with this necklace. So, I’ll restring it at some point in the future. The lapis strands weren’t the same length and I ended up having to add more gold beads to one strand to make them all even. Oh, well.
  2. Next up was my adventure in loomwork. I got a Mirrix loom and set it up using the shed device for a Celtic Knot bracelet pattern that my friend, Lidia Cimins shared with me. The thing about loomwork is the loom set up takes a while. Beading on the loom was no problem. I caught on to that in a snap.  Once I was finished with the pattern, I wanted to weave back in all of the warp threads. OH MY GOD! I got finished with one end and swore I would never do that again. My bracelet turned into a beautiful bookmark! I just fringed the other end. It is now keeping my place in The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. I think I’ll reserve using the shedding device for large loomed beadwork only. I do think I’ll try some tapestry work, too. I just won’t use the shedding device on my next bracelet! I’ll turn the Mirrix into a tension loom.
  3. My Mom wanted some star-shaped earrings. So, I stitched up a rondelle crystal element from Leslee Frumin. I wasn’t pleased with the shape though. The large crystals kept wanting to hide inside the shape.  So, I changed the pattern a bit and added the large crystals last. It made all the difference. Now they are truly star shaped.
  4. I “shudder” finally tried my hand at bead embroidery. I’ve done embroidery in the past but never bead embroidery. My friend, Kay Jackson, had designed a bead embroidered cuff called Royal Tiger. She was going to teach it at The Bead Attic. I signed up and have to say, I enjoyed it. Kay taught us the matching earrings which uses all the same techniques that the cuff uses. I was able to finish one earring in class and the other at home with no problems. They are so cute! You might have to be and LSU Tiger fan to truly appreciate them, though! I’ll get to the cuff at a later date.
  5. A while back I purchased a bead kit from School of Beadwork. It’s called Circular Chevron Lace Bead necklace designed by Melanie Potter. I had never done any chevron stitch work and knew I was going to be using that stitch in July at Beads On The Vine. I wanted to whip this one up before I went to the workshop. The beads are great fun to make. Once you have all the beads made up, you just string them up and add a clasp. The thing I love about this necklace is the beads are so soft to the touch. This necklace is a joy to wear. I don’t think I’ll make another one of these but this necklace is truly special.

Not much production for me this month. Maybe I can make up for it in July!

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