May 2010 Projects

I got busy beading in May!

  1. I finished the Double Flower Lariat designed by Leslie Frazier for my Mom’s friend. It turned out to be stunning, if I do say so myself.
  2. I learned how to bead crochet in April and this month I finished my starter project. I just put a little magnetic clasp on it. Not too bad. I know I’ll do some more bead crochet. I want to learn how to do the invisible join. I think it is the perfect project for travel. The beads are already strung so they can’t run away.
  3. I made another Bling bracelet in Jet A/B crystals and black firepolish.
  4. I made another Bling using light blue crystals and grey firepolish.
  5. Another Bling in matte white a/b crystals and a blue/black firepolish.
  6. Next up was 6 stretchy necklaces for a coworker.
  7. We went on vacation to the beach. I’m not really a beach person so I was able to really bead up a storm! I had these cool stripey beads in red, yellow and turquoise. So, I decided to do a 3 strand necklace. It was just stringing but it took a while to get it to lay right.
  8. Next was a really simple bracelet using these 2 hole rectangular blue stones. Love the color in these.
  9. I got some beads from Africa from my dear friend Jamie Haeuser last summer. I decided to finally do something with them. I made a long necklace using the disks and shell beads.
  10. Then I took some of the same beads and made matching earrings.
  11. I had some purple and green stripey beads similar to the ones in #7. I took them and made 2 necklaces to be worn together or separately.
  12. On the drive back from the beach I worked on a triple strand turquoise,  jet and silver necklace.
  13. I made earrings to match.
  14. I made a Bling bracelet with pink crystals and clear firepolish.
  15. And finally, I finished my micro-macrame bracelet. It’s brown cord and turquoise beads with some metal beads as accents. I found it in Sherri Haab’s book called Beaded Macrame’ Jewelry. I like micro-macrame. I’m sure I’ll do some more in the future.

That’s a lot of beading for one month!

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