July 2010 Projects

I got busy in July. I finish four major projects, one special order and some more bling bracelets.

I had ordered a Ripples pattern from Sand Fibers (Carol Dean Sharpe) and decided to whip one up. I had some beautiful turquoise/purple triangle and cylinder beads (Toho 705) I got from Turquoise Coyote for this bracelet. I ended up messaging Carol Dean because my ripples weren’t as 3D as hers. We discussed tension. I felt pretty sure my tension was tight because of the cuts in my fingers from the fireline.  Next we discussed the difference between the manufacturers of triangles and cylinder beads. We wondered if there were slight differences in the size of cylinder beads from Toho versus Myuki. Carol Dean hadn’t used Toho before and thought that was it. We finally came to the conclusion that they are different and this caused my ripples to be softer, not as exaggerated as hers. Carol Dean must have been mulling over this issue because recently she messaged me that another culprit might be the weight of the fireline. She normally uses 4 lb. and I had used 6 lb. She tried one using 8 lb. and it didn’t come out with the exaggerated ripples, either. SO, at some future date, I will be making this bracelet again using 4 lb. fireline with the same Toho beads I used in this one. That way I’ll have the answer to my Ripples question, once and for all. I’ll let you know what happens.

Next up were some earrings for my mother. She wanted 7 pair of earrings using one of Leslee Frazier’s Crystal Elements shapes. They are Christmas presents for some of her friends. So, I won’t show a picture here yet. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

I got an email from Marcia DeCoster saying she was selling the extra Under the Mast kits from Bead and Button. There were only a few left, so, first come, first served. I snatched up a kit in the bright silver color way. As soon as I got it in the mail, it started calling my name. So, giving in to it, I finished it in one or two nights. It is a classic, simple design that I will wear more than most of my beaded necklaces.


Next, I was determined to finish up a UFO that had been hanging around too long. I buckled down and finished Maggie Meister’s Santa Sophia pendant. It didn’t take very long. I think I just had too many easy projects enticing me. I ended up using these beautiful chocolate brown pearls for the neck piece and the drop on the end of the pendant. The colors in this make it a great Fall piece.

I had an ulterior motive for finishing up so many projects this month. I knew I would be adding four projects at the end of the month. I was going to Beads on the Vine in San Luis Obispo, CA on July 20th! My beading buddies, Sybil Wallendal, Lynn Futch, Kay Jackson, May Dunn (my roomie), Katie Nelson and I were all attending for the first time this year. I’ll devote a blog to this great retreat later. Stay tuned!

I made a few more bling bracelets next. One in all silver, one in opal with matte white and another one in crystal a/b. They are just like Lays potato chips…you can’t have just one.

I had wanted to make Nancy Cain’s Jewelled Links for a while. I decided to make it in all gold. It wasn’t hard to make at all. I like the rings and connector pieces. It gives it great texture.

After I got back from California, I finished up my Cynthia Rutledge Beads on the Vine project called A Stone’s Throw. I had finished most of it at the retreat and decided to go ahead and knock it out.

Here’s what I learned from Cynthia Rutledge – I learned to go ahead and take the time to read directions. She’s got great directions. I usually will skip over 90% of written directions and predominantly use the pictures and graphics, instead. I also learned how to set stones! She has a cute trick using a needle case and double stick tape to hold the setting while you push it down onto the stone you are setting. Pretty nifty!

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