Art Sticks with NanC Meinhardt (part 2)

Friday was our first day of class.  NanC gave us a tour of her house, view and studio. Yes, the studio is to die for.  There was so much to inspire us to do great things. We did a few creativity exercises and got cracking on our sticks.  She had some sticks in her stash that were available to us.  I took a piece of wood that most people wouldn’t call a stick.  But, it spoke to me and I listened.  I left my Wisteria stick for someone else to use, if they choose.

My Art Stick

Everyone (but me) jumped right in and started drilling, sanding and painting their sticks.  I was more comfortable sketching what I thought I saw in my stick from different directions. I used permanent markers to color my stick. I was too scared of the paint.  I thought I’d mess up.  Rachel M. commented that she was scared of the permanent markers for the same reason. This may have been the first inkling that we may share a brain.  We had some quiet time and then we had a visitor!

Kim Stathis came by with samples of some of her designs.  I had started Kim’s Spectral Lights bracelet the night before so, I knew I loved her designs.  I immediately spied two necklaces that I will have to make.

We were going to P.F. Chang’s for supper but there were a couple of hours to burn.  NanC sent us back to the hotel with some Hooch that she had made.  Kim, Shelley and Rachel NS drank Hooch and had show and tell for a bit. Then we all went to Chang’s.  We ordered  a few appetizers and five or six entrees to share.  There were lots of good stories and general merriment.  Next thing you know they bring us an additional three entrees!  There was so much food we boxed it up for Kim and NanC to bring home.  It was a great time and I really enjoyed getting to know Kim a little better.

We had a homework assignment to complete.  So, I stayed in the room to write and Rachel NS went to the lobby to do hers.  I posted pictures to facebook because I know all my beady friends wanted to know what we were up to.

Part 3 – coming soon.

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