Art Sticks with NanC Meinhardt (part 3)

The second day of class we talked about our impressions of the first day of class and our feelings coming into this class. I told them of my feelings of inadequacy when compared to my fellow classmates. I also told them that wasn’t the case any longer. I felt very comfortable with all of them. I think that’s a characteristic of most beaders, they are very welcoming, easy going and generous.

We learned about Zentangles and gave it a try. I’ve been fascinated by Zentangles for a while now and really enjoyed taking the time to draw a few.

Teresa Sturnfield came by NanC’s house to show us her beaded sculptures. She had an Art Stick she called The Wisdom Stick with sayings incorporated into the surface of the stick. Upholding the Family Tree was a wonderful piece depicting her role as the matriarch after her mother’s passing. Under the skirt are the names of her children and people from her family who have died. It’s a beautiful and meaningful piece. The Worry Log had three sides and a hollow space where she can write down her worries and deposit them in the hollow of the log. Ready to Fly is a piece for her daughter who is graduating and ready to head off on her own. Each of her pieces were very personal and lovingly completed.

Upholding the Family Tree by Teresa SturnfieldThe Worry Log by Teresa Sturnfield

The Worry Log by Teresa Sturnfield

NanC took us down to the beach on Lake Michigan to enjoy the outdoors and hunt for sticks or rocks. It took me a while to trust that the waves weren’t going to sneak up on me and get me wet like the waves on the Gulf Coast beaches.

Rachel M. provided another wonderful lunch. Today’s fare was enchiladas and margueritas!

We read our writing assignments aloud and a few tears were shed. I’m a sympathetic crier so, I was a mess.

NanC instructed us in freeform right angle weave. We learned about hitchhikers and riding in the front seat and riding in the back seat. NanC sent me home with bead soup to practice back at the hotel.

Our next visitor was Bev Zadikoff. She made the most beautiful chuppa for her son’s wedding. It measures 33” x 62” and is done in peyote stitch with size 8 beads. It weighs about 18 pounds. She made it in panels and zipped them together for the final construction. It was stunning!

Wedding Chuppa by Bev Zadikoff

NanC gave us another writing assignment to do back at the hotel.

I finished coloring my stick and tomorrow I will start beading!

One thought on “Art Sticks with NanC Meinhardt (part 3)

  1. No box from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads yet. I’m giving it until Tuesday, then I will email to find out when it was shipped. I can’t wait to see it and I will definitely post pictures!


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