Art Sticks with NanC Meinhardt (part 4)

This is the final installment of my Art Sticks posts. It covers Sunday and Monday of our class.

We Zentangled again to get focused. We read our written assignments and NanC read to us from Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland. I had a flash back to my first bead class all those years ago when NanC read to us from this same book. She has such a calming effect on us and her reading to us enhances that feeling.

Rachel M. helped me drill a couple of holes in my stick to help secure the thread and beads. They will be invisible once I’m finished but they will help tremendously with the concave shape of the stick. Next, we beaded in silence. I made use of NanC’s wall of seed beads for a few of the browns I needed for the dog side of my stick. I had plenty of choices in my stash for the fish/cave side.

Before you knew it, it was time for lunch. Once again, Rachel M. had pulled together a wonderful repast for us. There was polenta, mozarella, marinara, salami which we layered on bread. Yum!  We had delicious Margueritas with our lunch, too.

After lunch we beaded quietly and I made great progress. I got a strip of beads around both faces of my stick. We ended class early today because we took a field trip to City Beads of Chicago which is owned by Lisa Garoon. Unfortunately, Rachel M. would not be joining us on our outing and had to miss class on Monday. So, this was our last day with her. It was sad to not be able to finish our class with her. But, we promised to stay in touch on Facebook at the very least.

City Beads was like bead mecca! Kim Stathis met us there to do a bit of shopping for herself.  There was so much to choose from but I walked out with some great black and white beads to add to my black and white bead stash. I got some navy charlottes, large magatamas and tila beads, a beautiful cabochon and some great chain with semi-precious stone wire-wrapped on it. Lisa wondered what I was going to do with all of that chain.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I was going to make multi-strand bracelets. They turned out great, by the way. I refrained from getting any Aikos. They were beautiful but I didn’t really need them. The other stuff, I “needed” you understand.

We said goodbye to Lisa and City Beads and headed to Deleece to have some supper.  NanC’s daughter, Jessica and Steve joined us for drinks. The food and company were great.

Monday was our last day of class and was very subdued. Everyone was a little sad to be leaving our haven at the end of today. We had our last Zentangle session.  Shelley ended up really enjoying these sessions and has taken off with her doodles since class.  We spent most of the day looking at NanC’s wonderful beadwork. She brought out piece after piece for us to look at, touch and feel. We got the story behind each piece. She showed us many books with photographs of works by her students.

We ended our class with a little farewell wine and cheese. No one wanted our class to end. Here’s to the best class, location, fellow students and teacher. Cheers!

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