Alyeska’s Jewel Finished!

I worked about four hours today to finish Alyesca’s Jewel designed by the very talented Cynthia Rutledge. I can’t say this was my favorite project to stitch but it is exquisite! Stitching the filigree to the bands and then the bands to the bangle was tough. There is no clear thread path and I broke a few needles and beads attaching everything. There is a hidden clasp that I love. Being partial to purple, I’m sure this will get worn frequently.



5 thoughts on “Alyeska’s Jewel Finished!

  1. This is a beautiful bracelet, and I’m glad you noted the difficulties in making it. That’s one of the hard things with patterns in magazines, they just give instructions. The colors you chose are wonderful!


  2. I’ve seen this cuff image as advertisement for the class and liked it more each time I’ve seen it. I think it, along with bracelets like Shelley Pleins Nybakke’s “A Metalsmith’s Match”, will be chic, elegant works that we’ll wear often and proudly. I like your colorway, Karen, and I hope someday I’ll get the chance to make one, too.


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