My Bead Soup Package

My bead soup is here! Today’s mail finally came. What a great bead soup it is, too. I’ll have a great time designing something with these. Be sure to check out everyone’s designs on September 17th for the big Bead Soup Blog Party reveal. I can’t wait to see what my partner, Karyn Bonfiglio, does with the soup I sent her. Thank you, Karyn!


14 thoughts on “My Bead Soup Package

    • Thanks for the great suggestions! I want to honor Karyn’s style and throw a little of my style in it, too. So, there has to be some seed beads somewhere (for me) and a little bit of mixed media (for Karyn).


    • You are so right. There are some muted purples, golds and dark browns in the stones. I’m still pondering what I’m going to make. You’ll have to check back on Sept. 17th for the big reveal.


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