Urban Stripes- Golden version finished!

I just finished my golden version of Urban Stripes. Many of the folks in the string along group mentioned how it was snake-like. I have to agree. I’m very pleased with my color choices and how they play against each other when worn. The necklace is 41″ long and can be worn long, doubled or around the wrist like a wrap bracelet.

Big thanks to Judith for designing the pattern and working with the group on Facebook. Everyone involved was full of great tips, advice and encouragement. The color ways on the individual necklaces was just outstanding. I really enjoyed getting to know the beaders in the group. Let’s do it again!



4 thoughts on “Urban Stripes- Golden version finished!

    • Yes, they are picasso beads. The color was Travertine. I used an entire hank of them for this project. I absolutely love the picasso beads in all shapes and sizes. I try to use them as much as possible.


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