Rings of Saturn

A while back I was enticed to get Marcia DeCoster’s Rings of Saturn special edition kit. The kit is all silver and gold with beautiful crystals for embellishing. Three rings are covered with right angle weave and float on a sculptural peyote core.


Top Ring fully embellished

The rings were fairly simple to make. Marcia’s instructions differ from the way I like to enclose a ring. So, I tried one using her directions. I didn’t like the way it pulled on the outer edge. I cut it up and did it my way. The only difference is I make the RAW strip the length of the outer circumference of the aluminum ring. Then I zip it closed on the ends and manipulate the strip from the center to the outside of the ring. I just zip it up all the way around the ring. It takes a good bit of coaxing to get it to lay flat but by the time you have made it all the way around the ring, it is conforming to the ring. You use quite a few more beads this way but there is no pulling of beads and thread showing on the outer edge where it is zipped. I have now messaged with Marcia about these instructions. She covers rings the same way I do. I just needed more RAW to cover the ring.


The beginning of the peyote core

The core is a series of increases and decreases that form the ridges which support the rings. I had problems with the core and cut it back to the first large increase. By checking off each row as I completed it, I was able to get it right. I’m thinking sculptural peyote is not my favorite. 🙂 An embellished peyote strip makes up the bail. The tip is then finished off with a series of crystals.


Rings of Saturn finished pendant

Marcia recommends a Russian spiral necklace with an embellished ring and toggle closure. I’m going to use a gold brick stitch necklace that I already have. I think I’ll wear this a lot. It’s unique, and classic in it’s coloring. Thank you, Marcia for another exquisite project.

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