Not Your Mother’s Pearls

I made this project back in August for some bridesmaids necklaces. They were so fresh and fun that I decided to make some more as friend gifts. They take 45 minutes to make from start to finish.


The supplies you will need are:
97 crystal pearls, 4mm
48 top-drilled bicones, 6mm
Size 11 seed beads
Clasp and jump ring
Bead stopper
Scissors or thread burner

Use two full wing spans of fireline. Thread on the needle to the middle of the thread so your thread is doubled. Place the bead stopper 8″ from the end of the thread. String an 11 and a pearl, continue alternating 11s and pearls until you have strung 98 size 11 seed beads and 97 pearls. Your last bead is a seed bead. Slip on 1/2 of your clasp and pass back through the seed bead and one pearl. Pick up a seed bead, a top-drilled Bicone and a seed bead. Pass through the 2nd pearl from the one you are exiting on the original string. (Pass through the pearl only.) pick up the seed, Bicone and seed again and pass through the 2nd pearl from the one you are exiting. Continue the full length of the string. Be sure you keep your tension tight and knot the thread every few inches. It’s this tension that causes the necklace to curve and squiggle. Add the other half of the clasp and go back through a few beads and knot. Do this for about 2 inches. Trim the thread close to the beads. Thread the tail of the fireline onto the needle. Try to get both ends through the eye of the needle. Work this end back through a few beads and knot. Repeat for a few inches. Trim the tail as before. Quick and simple!

These instructions are my Christmas present to all of you. Feel free to make these for your friends. There’s still plenty of time to make them for Christmas!



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