Beading By The Bay – Asis

Today is the last class at Beading By The Bay. Sherry Serafini taught us her Asis cuff. She brought quite a few components and kits for sale. On the other side of the room was a display of some of her work. You really do have to see beadwork in person to be able to appreciate it. Just incredible work.


It turns out that Sherry is a great teacher, too! I’m not super confident with my bead embroidery skills. But, I did a respectable job and finished two components of the cuff. I still have to edge it and assemble it.


Lunch was delicious. There was another Ring A Day catwalk and prizes. Marcia thinks we should do our own book! BBTB 2013 teachers were announced. Lots of clapping and squeals were heard when Sabine Lippert and Huib Peterson’s names were announced along with Marcia DeCoster. There were more door prizes from Tierra Cast and Lark and Swarovski.

Our book gift today was one I had on my wish list.


There was also another bag of Swarovski goodies!”


I could not have enjoyed myself more. It was said by many attendees and teachers alike, that there is a feel about this group that can’t be beat. I will be back at Beading By The Bay 2013!

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