Adventures in Bead Crochet

I finally got back to some bead crochet projects that I had sitting in my “to do” pile. They were strung up and ready to go. I just never crocheted them.

This gorgeous pale purple one spoke to me first so I worked on it. When I finished I discovered that it was going to be too short for my wrist. Four rows of daggers would have to be changed to three rows of daggers. Rip and re-string.

Here’s the finished bracelet with a magnetic clasp.

The next one was for my niece. She has a tiny wrist and has a hard time finding bracelets that fit properly. I was able to keep this one strung for four rows of daggers. This one was harder to crochet. If you attempt bead crochet with daggers, just keep trying. It will eventually pay off and look wonderful. I used a magnetic clasp on this one, too.


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Bead Crochet

  1. They are both beautiful (poke)! I definitely have to get back to bead crochet (poke), but I really love looming (poke) and CRAW (poke) and peyote (poke). Maybe I’ll go do some bead shopping first (poke). ā¤


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