Northern Lights

Beadwork Magazine celebrates their 15th anniversary this year. I knew I wanted to take their challenge and design a piece of jewelry that included at least one of each of the beaded beads published. I waited until the last bead was released in the October/November issue and made my supply list for all of the beads. I went to my stash to see if I could make all of the beaded beads using beads I already owned. Through much trial and error, I was able to come up with a color palette that I liked. Beads used in the construction of this necklace include shiny and matte seed beads, drops, fire polish, tila beads, and crystals. This entire necklace was made from beads in my stash. I’m pretty happy about that.

Melinda Barta’s Seeing Stars Beaded Bead

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel’s Treasure Trove Beaded Bead


Florence Turnour’s Stargazer Beaded Bead


Gwen Fisher’s Cluster Beaded Bead


Cindy Holsclaw’s Dewdrop Beaded Bead

The actual construction of the necklace is unique in that the rope is one continuous weave. Leslee Frumin taught me the technique of passing through the focal bead and setting up the next section of rope as you finish up the last section. I chose a herringbone stitch for the rope because of its durability and the way it highlights the beaded beads, without distracting from them.

Northern Lights

The vibrant cranberry, turquoise and purple colors in this necklace remind me of the Northern Lights. Measuring out to 57 inches long, this piece can be worn at least three different ways. It can be doubled to 27″ and 30″ lengths, or worn in a choker and opera length configuration. Also, in the choker/opera version, the longer length can be knotted for an updated look. This versatile rope is easily worn with all necklines and clothing styles, from casual to dressy.

This is the first time I have ever entered any kind of beading contest. The winner is determined by a popular vote of Beading Daily readers. The winning piece will be published in the March issue of Beadwork Magazine. The piece that I think won was spectacular in color and design. I was just happy to participate and I hope the designers of the beaded beads are proud of my work.

7 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. My computer wouldn’t let me leave a comment on your blog. 😦 I just want to tell you how much I like your creation! I think if I had to choose that Gwen Fisher’s Cluster Beaded Bead would be my favorite. Good job, girlfriend!


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