Next up in my endless list of beadwork projects was Fanfare, designed by Marcia DeCoster. This bracelet is made of fan shaped components that are crystal on the outer edge.


I was going to make the entire bracelet in Jet Hematite 2X but decided a different AB crystal for every other fan would be more interesting. Then I changed my mind again and made every fan a different AB color.

It took a while to make all 30 fans. While I was progressing on this bracelet, I got to visit with two out of town bead friends, Beverly Herman and Judith Bertoglio-Giffen!

Judith had one of Sig Wynne Evans traveling bracelets, called Kilim. So, my fans got to play with Kilim for the day.

Near the end of the project I had the task of putting the fans in the order I wanted them on the final bracelet. I played with the idea of a color blend of some sort. But, I ended up mixing them evenly throughout the bracelet.



All in all, a most satisfying project! Now to find someplace fabulous to wear it!

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