Beading By The Bay 2013, welcome reception

I had a fabulous time at Beading By The Bay 2013! I always think it will be great and I’m always surprised when it’s better than I expected.

Thursday evening the festivities started with a dessert reception welcome and presentation by Ron Rock of new Swarovski shapes, colors and trends. Tierra Cast was also present as a sponsor. We picked up out goodie bags filled with our lanyard name tag and lots of crystals, candy, an Atenti zippered bag, two Swarovski kits, publications and a Tierra Cast sample bag. Then we all got to share the crystals that decorated the table top. Lastly, our names were drawn to go up and pick a door prize. I got a huge box of Swarovski samples from last season! A special surprise was getting to see Rachel Nelson Smith again. I was glad she was feeling up to the drive. She is due in a few short weeks. She looks great!




4 thoughts on “Beading By The Bay 2013, welcome reception

  1. It’s wonderful that you could go and have such a good time, first class all the way. I’m glad you’re home safely with lots of good memories.


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