Beading By The Bay 2013, Huib Petersen class

We had been warned that the Huib Petersen class at Beading By The Bay was intense and would require our full attention. So, I made sure I was welll rested and in the right frame of mind. Huib’s class was on Sunday, the third day of the retreat. Typically, by Sunday I’m a little brain dead. But, I’m happy to report that I didn’t have that problem this year!

Huib’s piece is 100% cubic right angle weave. I had done some CRAW in the past and was dreading making something that was all CRAW. I am thrilled to say that because of his instruction, I no longer dislike CRAW. His way is better and faster. This pattern has some curves and over and under parts that were hard to grasp at first. But, once I had done them a few times, I didn’t need the pattern for every step. The clasp he brought to go with the braid really compliments the bracelet.

20130326-131406.jpg This was what I had completed by lunch.

20130326-131457.jpg This is as far as I got on the project in class by the end of the day.

20130326-131523.jpg A progress photo.

20130326-131546.jpg Getting closer!

20130326-131600.jpg Full length shot.

20130326-131609.jpg The completed bracelet.

20130326-131628.jpg Huib Petersen and me

20130326-131736.jpg Day Three goodies!

Huib ended the day by encouraging us to use his technique to explore different shapes. All in all he is a most excellent instructor and designer. I came home with a few of his kits. 😀


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