Beading By The Bay 2013, Sabine Lippert class

My second day of class at Beading By The Bay was with Sabine Lippert. We have been Facebook friends for a few years but this was the first time we met. She was everything I hoped she would be and more. She’s happy and joyful and always smiling.

Our project for the day is called Pendulum. It is made of a series of beaded sticks that are embellished on both ends. The sticks are then connected to form a necklace. The sticks are connected to the necklace with collars that allow them to slide up and down.

Here is what I finished in class.

I learn something new from everyone I take classes with. Sabine taught me to work from the spool. You pull out a length of thread and begin to work with the thread still attached to the spool. You continue until you run out of thread. Then you pull out however much you need from the spool and continue on in the other direction. This would be great for necklaces and ropes. You would be able to use twice the amount of thread before running out.



I quickly realized that I did not want to make all of the sticks in the pattern. I halved the sticks and assembled them. Then I finished out the length with the chain in the pattern.

We all had a great time in class with Sabine and I think most of the class will finish and wear their necklace. Thank you Sabine for a beautiful project and I hope to see you again soon.

6 thoughts on “Beading By The Bay 2013, Sabine Lippert class

  1. It’s great you had so much fun meeting Sabine and beading such an amazing piece. I just got a new spool of Fireline today and was mumbling to myself how much is wasted by cutting here and there. I’ll be reeling off the spool from now on. Thanks for the tip.


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