Beading By The Bay 2013, Marcia DeCoster class

My first class at Beading By The Bay was with the ever colorful Marcia DeCoster teaching us Pacific Morning Glory. I was in the Group 3 rotation and shared a table with Cynthia newcomer Daniel. It was a great pleasure to meet her and bead with her. She’s a quiet beader, similar to myself. We got along great!

This year our daily goodies were there when we got to class. Today’s present to everyone was Necklaceology by Candie Cooper and a Swarovski pen that you add large hole beads to the core section. Marcia suggested we bead something around the core.

We started with the center herringbone piece. I brought my own beads. My colorway was a dark blue, light blue and grey. I had the center piece finished by lunchtime.

At lunch, I got to visit with friends that I haven’t seen in a year. There are so many I can’t name them all. I didn’t know everyone there, but, I knew a lot! There was a giveaway at lunch of an emergency kit from Tierra Cast. One of my table mates won it. It was a very nice giveaway.

In the afternoon, we learned how to make the bracelet portion of the project. It is CRAW, or cubic right angle weave. I decided to make my bracelet reversible with one side being light and the other dark. I did not finish in class.
Here is what I finished that evening.


The next morning I finished the clasp and wore it to class on Day two. 🙂

Another great project from MAD. It was great seeing Marcia again. A year is just too long between visits.


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