Art Sticks with NanC Meinhardt (part 1) – April 2011

NanC Meinhardt was my first national level teacher. She impressed me in 2007 with her encouraging words and calm demeanor. Having her as a teacher again in 2011 was to be an experience to cherish. This was her first Art Sticks class to be taught in her home. She taught another class at Marcia DeCoster’s home that worked out so well she decided to do it on her own turf. I feel very blessed to have been a student in her home.

Her studio and home are inspiring from every direction. I wanted to soak it all in from the views over the ravine to the art she collects. Her studio is something to behold. It doesn’t hurt that she used to own a bead store.

Going into this class I was anxious about the caliber of my classmates. I didn’t know until after I had signed up that all of them were professional beaders. As in, they made their livelihood beading, teaching beading, books published, selling patterns and bead store owners. My anxiety passed swiftly and by the time class ended, I felt like I had know them for years. For those of you who might be curious, my classmates were Shelley Nybakke, Rachel Murguia, and Rachel Nelson-Smith. The class was exploding with beading wonders. A series of unfortunate events cause Carol Dean Sharpe, Kriss Self and Jennifer VanBenschoten to cancel at the last minute.  We sure missed them!

My roommate was Rachel Nelson-Smith. Wowza! That’s a whole bunch of talent in one beautiful package. Guess what she had with her! She had the galley for her new book, Bead Riffs, and a bunch of the samples from it. Boy, did I have fun looking through the book and fondling the beadwork. Bead Riffs is part of the Lark Beadweaving Master Class Series.

We arrived the day before class was to start and NanC was kind enough to pick us up at the hotel and take us to dinner. Before she took us to the restaurant, she gave us the quickie tour of Highland Park. Nice town doesn’t quite describe it. It’s beautiful and welcoming. We ate at La Casa de Isaac and Moisha. Lisa Garoon, City Beads owner, met us there. It was good to see her again. We met briefly in San Francisco at Beading By The Bay. Good food, good drink and good company.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Art Sticks with NanC Meinhardt (part 1) – April 2011

  1. How funny…I was just looking at your blog over the weekend…I remember the tiger eye earrings…I’m pretty sure it was a link from the Bead Maven’s forum. Then I win (heart is still beating fast) the Traveling Bead Box and you friended me on FB. Anyhow, I just had to come and look at your blog. Your work is gorgeous and I am so jealous of all the fanastic workshops you have attended. Are you participating in the Bead Maven’s Mixer?


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